Back in the day...

Gibson went on tour opening shows for the one and only Bob Hope ...she was fresh out of college singing in a lounge (a glorified walk through at the Arlington Park Racetrack, in the Chicago area). Hope happened to be  walking through, sat and listened to her sing awhile (over the 'chomping' sounds of the several PacMan tabletop games). They talked... He wrote her phone number on a napkin...  and that was that...UNTIL a few months later he called TWICE! (Hope tried to leave a message on her answering machine (which cut him off after 1 minute....making him call back to continue) He called on a Tuesday asking if she'd sing with him on Sunday. 

"Hiya hun, Bob Hope here...wonderin if ya might wanna  sing a few songs (40 minute show) with me? a club with a little band (an exclusive private club atop a Chicago skyscraper...'little band' was a 15 piece orchestra) Then, later in the show, let's do a little duet and a few jokes (he would invite me back onstage during his show to do a 15 minute segment with him)...We'll do a quick talk through right before the show... and then wing it !"   (yikes)

The 'schtick'  went something like this:

Hope (to audience)..."d'ya like that gal? She's good, huh? let's bring her back out here...Margie? how bout singing a little song just for me?"

Gibson  sings a few lines...

Hope interrupts (asking Gibson): 

 "Do you know the difference between chicken hash and sex?" 

Gibson: (innocently ) "No"

Hope: "Wanna have lunch tomorrow?" Rim Shot: "brr-umm-pumm"

Gibson continues song ( ...omg,...will  she remember where she left off?)

Till Hope decides to break in again...

Somehow Gibson got through the gig and many more to follow...opening for  Bob Hope (and others ....

Danny Thomas, Marvin Hamlisch, Mel Torme, ...the list goes on...)


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